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  1. 卫生要求
  1. Health requirements
  1. 厂区周围无畜牧场、屠宰厂、畜禽交易场所、医院垃圾处理场、污水处理站、污水渠等污染源。污染源应当位于大气粉尘、细菌浓度低、无有害气体和自然环境良好的地区。
  1. There are no livestock farms, slaughterhouses, livestock and poultry trading places, hospital garbage disposal sites, sewage treatment stations, sewage canals and other pollution sources around the plant. Pollution sources should be located in areas with low atmospheric dust, low bacterial concentration, no harmful gases and good natural environment.
  2. 远离矿山、铁路、机场、交通干线、货场等易产生粉尘和有害气体的场所,远离居民区、学校和公共娱乐场所。洁净厂房与主干道之间的距离不得小于50米。
  2. Keep away from places prone to dust and harmful gases, such as mines, railways, airports, trunk lines and freight yards, and from residential areas, schools and public entertainment places. The distance between the clean workshop and the main road shall not be less than 50 meters.
  3. The site should be located in flat or slightly inclined areas, but not in low-lying areas.
  4. 工厂应位于交通便利,水、电、气等市政公用设施齐全的地方。
  4. The factory should be located in a place with convenient transportation and complete municipal utilities such as water, electricity and gas.
  II. Water demand
  Adequate water sources and quality must meet the national drinking water standards.
  3. Through environmental impact assessment:
  The site selection shall be approved by the environmental protection department and the environmental impact assessment report shall be submitted.
  General layout design of workshop
  The layout planning of food GMP workshop generally follows three principles: technological principle, economic principle, safety and environmental protection principle. The basic requirement is to have a systematic viewpoint, to consider all aspects of the requirements, to arrange reasonably and carefully, and to pay attention to the overall effect.
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  1. 过程原则
  1. Process Principles
  The overall layout of the workshop should first meet the requirements of the production process, that is to say, the whole workshop process should be smooth, the process from the above should be low, the transportation distance should be short and straight, try to avoid roundabout and round-trip transportation.
  2. 经济原则
  2. Economic Principles
  On the premise of meeting the technical requirements, we should seek the layout scheme with the smallest traffic volume and make full use of the land area. The auxiliary workshop and service department should be arranged around the basic workshop.
  3. Safety and environmental protection
  The overall layout of the workshop should also be conducive to safe production, with adequate fire safety facilities, the layout of production departments should meet the requirements of environmental protection, and there should be three waste disposal measures. The layout of workshop should not only facilitate the connection of production links, but also facilitate the healthy control of process and prevent the occurrence of cross-contamination in production process.
  Common construction schemes
  I. Ground
  1. 车间地面应采用防滑、坚固、防水、耐腐蚀的材料,地面应平整、无水、干净。
  1. The floor of the workshop shall be made of anti-skid, strong, waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials. The floor shall be flat, waterless and clean.
  2. 排水设施
  2. Drainage facilities
  The slope of the food workshop should be between 6 and 10 degrees for drainage. Open canals outside the workshop need to be protected. There are two kinds of surface drainage, drainage ditch drainage and open drainage.
  When using floor drain, the slope around the floor drain is about 6 degrees.
  The diameter is about 100 mm, and water can be collected from the ground around the leakage with a radius of 12 M.
  The floor drain and drain pipe are connected by elbows and equipped with water encapsulation device to prevent insects, rats and odors from entering the workshop from the drain pipe. Connect the drain pipe with a clean slag discharge port to prevent pipeline blockage.
  Second, channels
  Wall, roof and ceiling
  Workshop walls should be made of anti-corrosion, easy cleaning and disinfection, solid and impermeable materials. At least the walls are non-toxic, waterproof, mildew-proof, not easy to fall off and clean materials. The workshop angle, bottom angle and top angle are curved.
  The ceiling height should be greater than 2.4 meters and the evaporation in the cooking room should be greater than 5 meters. The roof does not accumulate water, does not leak, the ceiling surface is smooth, the material coating, does not absorb water, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, light color besmeted or decoration, with appropriate slope at the same time, in order to avoid condensation droplets, breeding pests and molds, easy to clean brushes, disinfection.
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  IV. Doors and Windows
  The windowsill is more than 1 meter away from the ground with an inclination angle of 45 degrees. The production workshop should have more than two doors as the entrance and exit of personnel, goods and machinery. Doors, windows and skylights should be tightened and not deformed. Doors and windows shall not be directly opposite or adjacent to the exhaust ports of adjacent workshops. They should not be placed opposite the garbage dump or toilet.
  5. Disinfection, washing and sanitation facilities
  1. 进入生产车间前,应设置好换鞋、换衣服、清洗等程序。鞋凳设置在鞋室内,方便换鞋。进入车间时应穿专用鞋。更衣室可以在鞋与鞋之间设置一个相通的地方,类似于卫生间。
  1. Before entering the production workshop, procedures such as shoes changing, clothes changing and cleaning should be set up. The footstool is arranged in the shoe room, which is convenient for changing shoes. Special shoes should be worn when entering the workshop. The dressing room can set up a common place between shoes, similar to the bathroom.
  2. 一般进入生产车间前应设置一间洗手间,配备洗手、消毒、烘干等设备。洗手盆宜选用不锈钢、大理石或瓷砖等不渗水的材料贴面作为面板,其设计和施工应不易掩盖污垢和污垢,并便于清洁消毒。水龙头宜采用踏板式、肘动式或感应式等非手动式开关。建议使用温水系统清洗手部,冬季可提供42℃热水。
  2. Before entering the production workshop, a bathroom should be set up, equipped with hand washing, disinfection, drying and other equipment. The washbasin should be made of stainless steel, marble or ceramic tile with impermeable material veneer as its face plate. Its design and construction should not easily cover up dirt and dirt, and be easy to clean and disinfect. The tap should adopt pedal type, elbow type or induction type non-manual switch. It is recommended to use warm water system to clean hands. Hot water at 42 C can be provided in winter.
  3. Set up a cleaning and disinfection room for tools and equipment in the proper place of the workshop, and equip the cleaning and disinfection troughs and flushing troughs for tools and equipment. If necessary, cold and hot water should be supplied, and the temperature of hot water should not be lower than 82 degrees Celsius.
  4. 车间出口及与外界相连的排水通风处均设有防鼠、防蝇、防虫设施。
  4. The outlet of the workshop and the drainage and ventilation places connected with the outside world are equipped with anti-rat, anti-fly and anti-insect facilities.
  In order to prevent cross-contamination, the passageway of food workshop should try to separate the flow of people from logistics, from raw material processing to finished product storage, and the passageway of logistics should be on a production line. Food, raw and auxiliary materials and sundries should not be piled up in the passageway. Ground water pools should be avoided below the ground to avoid water and dust accumulation.
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